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The best buying tip I can give is:

1.) Obtain a prequalification early before starting to look at properties.  This will give you a realistic idea of what you are able to afford and not be disappointed when you find that perfect house.

2.)  If paying cash, get a letter or statement showing your ability to purchase with cash and proof of this.  Cash is king in this economy but you must provide the means to back this up.


Make a list of the criteria for the things you MUST have in a house and the things you would LIKE to have.  It is rare to find a perfect house that meets all your criteria, but we do want to find as much of your list as possible, within the price range you are able to spend.


Relax and enjoy your house hunting trip.  If you are stressed over a move, the details and the timing, it may alter the way you look at a home.  Try to relax and I'll make all those details fall into place as well as I can as your agent, relieving a lot of that stress.

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