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The first thing to do when approaching the idea of selling; call and set up a time for us to discuss your needs and your goal.  If financially motivated, relocation motivated, moving up or moving down in size or other reasons for wanting to sell your home, these can all influence how your home is marketed.

To sell in today's market you must have the best home for the best price.  There are lots of homes to choose from (although the inventory in the past year has become smaller) so start by doing any delayed maintenance on your home such as paint, changing air conditioning filters, fixing that leaky faucet or other minor repairs. 

Fix what you have, don't remodel.  Price your house according to what the value is in the present condition.  Some of the things that greatly improve the appeal of your home is cleanliness, paint and repairs.  If the carpeting is in bad shape, a new inexpensive carpeting can go a long way to improve the cleanliness factor.  I have a list of qualified companies to give bids on some of those items at a great price.  If you do plan to make some changes, the kitchen and bathrooms are the best place to spend your money, although they can also be the most pricey.  Remember that you most likely will not recoup the dollars put into those projects, but the appeal of your home will improve.  You will need to weigh the expense vs the benefits.

Consult with me on how your home shows and what will need to be done. Then list your home and leave the day to day marketing and showing to me.

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